MGS Services, LLC  located in Gaithersburg, MD (Montgomery County) provides on site & remote support  for retail point of sale, gasoline dispensers, CCTV security cameras, carwashes along with many other diagnostic and service  solutions.  MGS Services, LLC isn’t just limited to Maryland we provide service to Northern Virginia, Washington D.C, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

MGS Services, LLC specializes in Spacenet & Starband wireless broadband network solutions as well as Mark VII carwash systems.  Our high-performance communications solutions meet the needs of business, residential, government and industrial petroleum organizations that require fast, flexible, and geographically dispersed two-way Internet or private access. We gained our position in the market through very hard work, perseverance, knowledge and “word of mouth” MGS has 7 years in the market and today is positioned among the best.  The wide range of services helps customers to minimize their downtime.  Its best publicity strategy is its customers.

MGS Services, LLC is the Service Company with the widest range of services for gasoline facilities.  From dispensers and STPs all the way to POS and back-office systems, including carwash equipment, lighting, V-Sat & Prysm and more.  When a customer can’t sell carwash codes at the dispensers, MGS is the only company that can troubleshoot all the equipment involved front to back.  MGS Services, LLC has very strong IT foundations.  It’s founder and techs are computer technicians with many years in the IT field, making computers and electronics “second nature”.  MGS has an in-house IT Lab in charge of designing, planning and implementing solutions specifically tailored for each customer.  No project is too big for MGS, the project manager will create a roadmap and keep the customer informed about the project’s evolution.

Some recent projects:
FMS (Fuel Management System) for jobbers, a homogenous platform was designed,  implemented and rolled out to over 200 ATGs. The system interacts with their delivery dispatching software updating the inventory for each one of their customers.

Credit cards for carwash entry systems without using a second credit card processor
Business Continuity Connection, using Spacenet and Prysm Pro.

PCI Compliant VSAT links for remote management & POS communications.