What makes VeriFone POS solutions so valuable? Integration. VeriFone products and partners make an unbeatable team. VeriFone’s Petroleum solutions are open and flexible, with add on components to keep you ahead of the game. With a Verirone POS system, you can connect to virtually any dispenser card reader and all major oil networks and several generic networks, as well as electronic fuel price signs, integrated loyalty programs, tank monitoring systems, scanners, coin dispensers, car wash controllers, back office packages and much more.

Back Office
Gathering data at the store is becoming more and more important to running a tight operation and improving your bottom line. With your VeriFone POS system, you can select the back office package that is right for your business.

Car Wash Controllers
Selling a car wash at the island has become a great way to promote this service to customers and has proven to dramatically increase profits

Electronic Fuel Price Signs
Electronic Price Signs easily give your site the upper hand on fuel margins and the competitton!

Generic Card Processing Networks
Thinking of connecting to a Generic Network? VeriFone interfaces with the leaders in the industry.

Integrated Loyalty Programs
Integrated loyalty solutions drive more traffic to your site and add customer conveniences in your business. VeriFone works with range of loyalty partners to provide you the tools and flexibility you need to ensure your customers come back again and again.

Money orders
Increase your revenue and attract new customers with a money order system.

Prepaid Card Solutions
Integrated prepaid solutions add significant revenue sources and drive more traffic to your store. Long distance cards, prepaid wireless cards, prepaid gift cards, and more.

Proprietary Fleet
Initiate your own private label cards to build loyalty with local accounts. Allow customers to use your private label cards at the DCR and inside at the POS workstation using the fleet terminal

Whether you need a high tech 2D bar code scanner for scanning state licenses in conjunction with EASY iD or a basic 1D bar code scanner to move the lines. our partners have options that fit your requirements.

Tank Level Monitors
Provide complete control over gallon usage and monitor fuel inventory.